The Inuit Heritage Trust (IHT)

The Inuit Heritage Trust is dedicated to the preservation, enrichment and protection of Inuit cultural heritage and identity embodied in Nunavut's archaeology sites, ethnographic resources and traditional place names. The Trust's activities are based on the principle of respect for the traditional knowledge and wisdom of our Elders.

The Inuit Heritage Trust receives its mandate from the Nunavut Land Claims Agreement, the largest aboriginal land claim settlement in Canadian history, signed in 1993.

In Nunavut, IHT represents Inuit interests in issues that relate to heritage, archaeology, ethnographic resources, traditional place names and spiritual places.

Call for Applications

Alain Maktar Heritage Scholarship


Are you a Land Claims Beneficiary? Are you aiming for post-secondary education in the heritage field for example in Archaeology, Anthropology, Indigenous Studies, Museum Studies? Then Inuit Heritage Trust would like to invite you to apply for our Alain Maktar Heritage Scholarship.

The scholarship, in honor of our past board member Alain Maktarwho was very passionate about archaeology in and around Pond Inlet, is remunerated with $5.0000. Both first time and re-applicants are welcome.

Visit the Maktar Scholarship page for further information, guidelines, and application forms.

Or call 979-0731 and ask for the project manager (Torsten).

Deadline for applications is July 31, 2015.


Call for Applications

Program (HLP)

Fly-in Conservator Visit

Inuit Heritage Trust is offering a sponsorship program for post secondary studies in the heritage field. The HLP supports Nunavut Land Claims Beneficiaries who are pursuing a career in archaeology, cultural anthropology, Inuit studies, collections management and conservation, museum studies, linguistics or any other field of (Inuit) cultural heritage. Students of other disciplines (ex. law, tourism, education, arts) are encouraged to send in their application as long as they can satisfactorily show that their intended personal career will have a strong impact on keeping Nunavut's Inuit culture alive.

This year a maximum of two successful applicants can receive the scholarship money of $3000 per year over multiple years.

The scholarship also includes a mentorship component so that students will stay closely in touch with the IHT project manager to receive some guidance, advice and networking support for their studies, potential summer student positions and other extra-curricular activities that support the success in their respective field of studies.

Please review Heritage Leadership Program details and application documents or call the IHT project Manager (Torsten): 867-979-0731

Deadline for applications is July 4, 2014, 5 pm EST.


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