Projects: Arctic Peoples and Archaelogy Interactive  

Originally conceived of as a curriculum resource for Nunavut schools, this comprehensive interactive presentation provides an excellent introduction to the arctic, and to the people who made this environment their home for the past thousands of years.

The presentation begins by introducing the arctic environment. An interactive migration activity concludes this first section, encouraging the student to consider the challenges of a family at the turn of a season as they decide where to travel next to find the sustenance on which their lives depend. The next section introduces the arctic peoples, their tools, shelters, and their modes of transportation.

The third section introduces the science of archaeology along with the regulatory environment for accessing archaeology sites in Nunavut today. The final section focuses on a rich archaeological site in the High Arctic. This section is also interactive, requiring the student’s assistance to identify objects and make decisions about the Tuniit and the Thule who were known to have occupied this site.

The interactive presentation is of interest to all students of the arctic.

The presentation is a result of extensive collaboration between long time arctic archaeologists, Inuit Elders, the Government of Nunavut Department of Education and the Inuit Heritage Trust, a Nunavut Land Claims organization. The Inuktitut, English and French versions are complete and are also available on CD by purchasing from our Store.


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This interactive presentation is of interest to all students of the arctic.