Projects: Archives Council of Nunavut  

The Archives Council of Nunavut was established on May 8, 2002 to support the Archival community in Nunavut. Its objectives are to:

a) Secure recognition of archives as repositories of the Culture, history and heritage
    of Nunavummiut.

b) Facilitate collaboration between members, archives, heritage societies, governmental
    and non-governmental institutions.

c) Encourage the establishment of repositories of archives and other historical records.

d) Develop among the membership, standards for the acquisition, preservation, control
    and access of archives. e) Offer support by way of advice, training and other support.

f) To promote Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit through the recognition, documentation, and
   preservation of traditional knowledge as a principle means of maintaining and promoting
   the cultures and languages of Nunavummiut.

Left: Film is part of an archival collection © IHT Centre: William Beveridge and Tommy Akavak look at images of Tommy’s relatives from the Library and Archives Canada photo collection © IHT Right: Participants of the Heritage Training Program looking through images from the Library and Archives Canada photo collection © IHT


Background/History of the ACN

The first archives council formed in Nunavut was established on May 8, 2002 and was called ‘Archives Council Nunavummi’. At this time the first Board of Directors was established. The first pan-territorial meeting of the ACN took place in Cambridge Bay in August of 2004. At that time members had only to fill out a membership form to be considered a member. As the archival community grew and matured, a membership fee structure was put into place at the 2006 (teleconference) AGM to help fund basic ACN functions such as translation and holding teleconferences. At this same meeting, the name was changed to the ‘Archives Council of Nunavut’ and other language versions of the name were also corrected. The 2007 AGM was held in Iqaluit where the public awareness campaign materials were presented and handed out to members to distribute in their home communities.

Functions of the ACN

The ACN holds annual general meetings, alternating between face-to-face meetings and teleconferences due to the cost of travel in the territory. In 2005 The ACN began administering the National Archival Development Program in Nunavut on behalf of the Canadian Council of Archives. Each year a representative from the ACN goes to Ottawa to take part in the Canadian Council of Archives, General Assembly and represent Nunavut’s interests. Their role is to bring back relevant information to share with other ACN members throughout Nunavut.


Canadian Council of Archives (CCA)

Provincial and Territorial Archival Associations

Archives Council of Nunavut website under CCA

Library and Archives Canada

Canadian Conservation Institute

Archival records include papers, journals, unpublished writings, rare books, photographs, film, some 3-D objects, audio and multi-media storage devices (ex. mini-disks, CDs).


Affiliated ACN Documents

Constitution (English / Inuktitut)
By-Laws (English / Inuktitut)
Executive Responsibilities
(English / Inuktitut)
AGM for 2006
• Agenda (English / Inuktitut)
• President's Report
   (English / Inuktitut)
• Financial Report
   (English / Inuktitut)
• Minutes (English / Inuktitut)
AGM for 2007 (English)

Audio recordings, in their many
formats, are part of an archival
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