Projects: Alain Maktar Heritage Scholarship  

Are you a Land Claims Beneficiary? Are you aiming for post-secondary education in the heritage field for example in Archaeology, Anthropology, Indigenous Studies, Museum Studies?

Then Inuit Heritage Trust would like to invite you to apply for our Alain Maktar Heritage Scholarship.

The scholarship, in honour of our past board member Alain Maktar, who was very passionate about archaeology in and around Pond Inlet, is remunerated with $5.0000. Both first time and re-applicants are welcome to contact IHT for more information.

Call 867-979-0731 and ask for more information or email

Deadline for applications is September 30, 2016.

Past Recipients

2014-2015 – Rebecca Mearns (Nunvut Sivuniksavut/ Carleton University)

Rebecca is an instructor in Inuit History and Inuktitut at Nunavut Sivuniksavut in Ottawa. She is also working on her Masters thesis at Carleton University which discusses the use of land based camps in the facilitation of Inuit knowledge transfer between Elders and youth. Rebecca is strongly advocating for Inuit knowledge, values and rights in her many capacities at NS and Carleton University which also includes her membership at the university’s education advisory committee to ensure aboriginal inclusion and representation within the university, facilitating performance workshops for NS students and attending conferences. Her work is very closely targeted to support community building processes through Inuit knowledge sharing within Nunavut’s communities but also to connect northern communities and southern researchers with each other to the benefit of both groups.

2013-2014 – Clayton Ungungai (Algonquin College)

Clayton is taking aboriginal studies at Algonquin College in Ontario. Additionally he is very dedicated to work on and promote Inuktitut Sign Language (ISL). In his 8 years on involvement in ISL he collaborated with the Nunavummi Disabilities Makinnasuaqtuut Society, McGill University, many different communities across Nunavut and beyond the Territory.

2012-2013 – Andrew Arreak (Nunavut Arctic College)

Andrew, originally from Pond Inlet is currently enrolled in the Environmental Technology Diploma Program with the Nunavut Arctic College. He has a passion for Inuit history and culture that he proved over the years by participating in various projects in Nunavut. While participating in IHT's Mentoring Programhe was a Parks Canada field assistant in an archaeology project at Ukkusiksalik National Park near Repulse Bay in 2012. His affiliation with Parks Canada also included work with oral history records.

For the future, Andrew expressed his desire to finish his ETP first and then pursue a career in the Nunavut archaeology field.

2011-2012 – Jessica Kotierk (Fleming College)

Jessica is currently starting her 2-year diploma program in Collection Conservation and Management in Peterborough, Ontario. She will learn to restore and maintain Inuit heritage objects so that they can be used to share and promote Inuit culture within Canada. Jessica hopes to help conserve objects for future generations so that young people can be proud of their culture and territory. She also appreciates that with access to object collections, she will be able to learn more about Inuit art and culture.

2010-2011 – Siku Allooloo (University of Victoria)

Siku Allooloo is an Inuk student at the University of Victoria, currently finishing her undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Indigenous Studies. Her program focuses on the relationship between Indigenous Peoples and Canada, which Siku has directed more specifically to studies of the North. Siku maintains a strong desire to learn about her own Inuit culture, her own people’s relationship with Canada, with hopes of finding her place in the strengthening of northern communities.

2009-2010 – Pam Gross (Carleton University)

Pam is currently attending Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario, taking an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a Minor in Aboriginal Studies. Pam is dedicating her education not only for her own benefit, but to also bring her skills and knowledge home for Nunavummiut, further promoting Inuit heritage and identity.




Rebecca Mearns
Rebecca Mearns received the 2014
Alain Maktar Heritage Scholarship

Clayton Ungungai received the 2013
Alain Maktar Heritage Scholarship

Jessica Kotierk received the 2011
Alain Maktar Heritage Scholarship

Siku Allooloo received the 2010
Alain Maktar Heritage Scholarship

Pam Gross received the 2009
Alain Maktar Heritage Scholarship